About Us

IDE Interactive was originally founded as TVLE Design, LLC in September 2015, and then rebranded as IDE Interactive, Inc. in February 2022. We are an Experience Design and Development studio that has grown to include a team of creative individuals from diverse professional backgrounds who all share a passion for excellence and dedication to their craft.

Where We Started

In 2015, TVLE Design, LLC was a one-man operation in a small, home office providing basic web and game design services. Our team grew with our success, and we moved into an office in September of 2020, then expanded and moved again in 2021 and 2022. We rebranded as IDE Interactive on February 2, 2022.

Our services expanded with our team as we found ourselves able to offer broader and better solutions to our clients’ needs. We moved from being a one-man web and game design outfit to creating mobile application and software, and finally into Experience Design – creating experiential interaction for end users involving both design and development across multiple platforms and industries.

Our Mission

At IDE Interactive, we know that businesses sometimes need help bridging the gap between their products or services and their user-clients. We believe that by offering a user-centered approach, we can assist businesses in nurturing better relationships with their users via memorable experiences specifically tailored for them. Our mission is to help clients craft the best experience possible for their users. Unlike developers offering more traditional approaches, we focus less on the fancy bells and whistles and, instead, emphasize the user's emotional responses to interactions.

Understanding user pain points and developing meaningful interaction between the medium and the audience defines the memorable experience offered by our products or services. We empower our clients with tools and platforms that allow their customers to interact with their product or service in useful, meaningful ways. In so doing, we release users from their most significant user pain points and allow them to focus on essential, core values.

Our Team

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