Our Team & Partners

We have team members and partners who work with us locally and all over the world. The best part about the digital age is that we can travel and be located anywhere.

Our Team

Meet the dream team behind the experience. All of our team members do more than just their roles and titles. We each have experience in multiple fields, allowing us to be versatile.
Photo of Tony V Le
Tony V. Le
Experience Designer
Photo of Jennifer Klingberg
Jennifer Klingberg
Audio Engineer
Photo of Joe Song
Joe Song
Quality Assurance
Photo of Tony V Le
Gareth Lynch
3D Modeler
Photo of Alissa McGee
Alissa McGee
Photo of Christina Brown
Christina Brown
Photo of Tony V Le
Jessica Borlovan
Photo of Casey Paul
Casey Paul
UX Designer
Photo of Jon Schickedanz
Jon Schickedanz
ASG Managing Partner

Our Extended Team

We've enjoyed working with many freelancers in this industry through projects or other agencies. Like our partners, we've formed many relationships with people we'd love to work with that extend outside our team.
Photo of Muhammad Arslan
Muhammad Arslan
PHP Developer
Photo of Ana Gujabidze
Ana Gujabidze
Python Developer
Photo of Arti Sharma
Arti Sharma
Graphic Designer

Our Partners

Over the past few years, we've enjoyed working with businesses of all sizes and formed many relationships with agencies we're proud to call partners.
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