Educating Women through Pregnancy

Empowering all women to thrive both physically and mentally from pregnancy through postpartum.

About Our Client

Expecting and Empowered focuses on helping women thrive during their pregnancy and postpartum. They offer practical advice and workout guides tailored towards each week and trimester of the pregnancy and postpartum stages. Their mission is to empower all women and provide them with the tools and knowledge to help them feel confident in keeping their baby safe during pregnancy and adequately recover from a c-section or vaginal birth.

The Problem

Expecting and Empowered noticed several women facing trouble during and after pregnancy due to the lack of knowledge. While the business assisted these women, most of their products were physical such as their Pregnancy Guide and Postpartum Guide. They needed a development team to help them move from these physical products to a digital platform, making them easily accessible to a much wider audience.

The Challenge

The main challenge was finding sufficient information and fulfilling research requirements for their existing community. We've carried this out by doing extensive research on existing apps, and the kind of products competitors in the industry had. By understanding how their users used their products and similar apps, the challenge became; how do we design a mobile app that translates all of their products into digital versions and sets them up to track user workouts easily.

The Solution and Outcome

Our team understood that creating a digital presence for Expecting and Empowered required turning their physical products into digital information. To best understand how to do that, we've gone through a series of processes, collecting data, researching how similar apps display information and interact with their users, and taking a deep dive into who Expecting and Empowered users are and how they interact with the existing product. Through this, we've discovered how active their Facebook community was and wanted to capture this experience through their digital platform.

We've ended up developing a mobile app published to both Google and iOS. Users can not only access and read all of the information from the existing products, but they are also provided with more workouts and digital content that would have never been possible to have done before. The best part is we've created and maintained the sense of community their Facebook community created, allowing users to hold themselves and each other accountable for their workouts and creating a way for them to share their results.
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Screenshot of Expecting and Empowered mobile app.



Access guides and different types of workouts based on your trimester. You can even pre-download video and audio programs to cut down the load time.

Access guides and different types of workouts based on your trimester. You can even pre-download video and audio programs to cut down the load time.
Screenshot of Expecting and Empowered mobile app's different workouts and programs.
Screenshot of Expecting and Empowered mobile app's exercise and detail screens.

Exercises and Details

View exercises as you work out and read detailed step-by-step instructions.

Apple Watch Integration

Pair your Apple Watch with your phone on your runs if you're an iOS user.
Screenshot of Expecting and Empowered mobile app's apple watch screen.
Screenshot of Expecting and Empowered mobile app's schedule screens.

Plan Ahead

Plan and schedule your workouts. Get push notification reminders when they come up.

Share and Interact

Share your results online, interact with the community forums, participate in discussions, or ask questions.
Screenshot of Expecting and Empowered mobile app's results and community screens.
Expecting and Empowered logo.
"We have had the absolute pleasure of working with Tony and team on our brand new Expecting and Empowered App! It was quite the undertaking of a project with lots of twists, turns and updates. They all rolled with it every step of the way and truly made our app dreams come true! We have received raving reviews from customers who absolutely love it and we look forward to our continued relationship with IDE Interactive to continue adding programs and improving our app. Thanks IDE!"
- The Team at Expecting and Empowered
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