Streamlining Virtual Assistant Management

Designing a solution that matches virtual assistants with busy executives.

About Our Client

VEXA Services was formed to help simplify finding virtual assistants and help build trust. They help busy people, and business owners get their time back by matching them with virtual assistants. VEXA believes that everybody should spend time with the people who matter the most to them. They've been there and done that, understanding how it feels to work around the clock and the frustration and exhaustion it creates every day.

The Problem

VEXA Services understood the process and time it takes to find a virtual assistant that best matches the individual or business owner who needs it. For years, VEXA had created an interview process that helped them understand the individual and business owner needs, allowing them to create a customized plan for each person they work with, pairing them with their perfect virtual assistant.

However, as the company grows and continues to help find matching virtual assistants for its clients, they soon realize they need a robust solution to help them automate the process, lifting a lot of the manual work.

The Challenge

While the problem and idea seemed reasonably straightforward, especially since the foundation of the workflow is already built, transitioning an offline workflow to an online automated workflow is never a simple task. Some of the challenges we ran into along the way involved:
  • Understanding what criteria needed to be met when pairing virtual assistants with clients
  • Knowing what kind of information is required to be stored
  • Knowing what kind of reports needed to be run and what specific information they needed to contain
  • Knowing what type of account access there are and what type of information should be rendered on each

The Solution and Outcome

Our team understood that creating a centralized solution for such a nailed-down offline workflow would be challenging. Through several interviews and user testings, we designed a web application that automated a lot of VEXA's workflow. We cut down the amount of time they've spent pairing virtual assistants with their clients and helping them turn manual tasks into automated tasks they can run straight from the new solution. We carefully examined and designed new systems for all of VEXA's needs and made sure the comprehensive web application was also mobile-friendly, making it easy to access on the go.
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Screenshot of VEXA Services' login screen.


View All Clients in One Spot

View, filter, and search clients quickly, seeing what's important at a glance.
Screenshot of VEXA Services' clients screen.
Screenshot of VEXA Services' employee matchmaking screen.

Easily Find Employees

Employee Matchmaking helps find employees who fit the matching filters best and organizes them based on matches' percentages.

View Timesheets and Breakdowns

View times logged under each client and which employee logged them.
Screenshot of VEXA Services' timesheet screen.
Screenshot of VEXA Services' reports screen.

Run and Export Reports

Run different reports to stay organized and export information and data to store or analyze data.
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