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About Our Client

Johnson & Bell is a premier Chicago law firm whose trial lawyers handle complex litigation, mediation, and business transactions for a widely diverse group of clients. Since 1975, they have served those seeking justice in the Midwest and across the nation. They have developed client trust and loyalty as they worked to fulfil client business objectives. That loyalty has helped their firm grow and thrive for nearly fifty years and develop a talented team of lawyers and staff who share the company’s philosophy to “Make sure our clients get justice.”

In addition to dedicating their firm to the best outcomes for their clients, Johnson & Bell has also worked diligently to make their offices a great place to work. They have developed a Women’s Initiative and fostered a culture of diversity and inclusion. The firm’s ninety attorneys and more than 180 staff members routinely give back to their community through pro bono services and much more.

The Problem

Although Johnson & Bell has grown, shaping their organization into one that clients can believe in and employees can be proud of, their website had not grown with them. It did not reflect the capabilities or achievements of the firm. Nor did it highlight the work of their attorneys and staff, nor their efforts to make their firm a great place to work.

The website had an outdated look, outdated functionality, and poor searchability. It was lacking the kind of user tools that potential clients had come to expect from a first-rate law firm. Perhaps worst of all, it did not reflect the care and attention to client needs that Johnson & Bell were so justly proud of and eager to share.

The Challenge

IDE Interactive was invited to partner with our friends at DoubleTake Design, Inc.  in developing a web experience that met Johnson & Bell’s evolving needs. The site must be up to date and address both the needs of Johnson & Bell and their clients. It must be attractive and highly usable. It must demonstrate to clients and potential clients the culture of excellence that Johnson & Bell has worked so hard to cultivate as well as their many awards, initiatives, and public recognitions. They specifically asked us to design user interfaces that would keep them noticed in a competitive market and package it all in a clean, organized format that would appeal to the eye and the intellect of every user.

The Solution

To meet the complex challenges laid out by our client and our partners at DoubleTake Design, IDE Interactive created a web experience that visually demonstrates Johnson & Bell’s caring, precision, and attention to detail. Their new site features Lawyer Pages set in clean rows – each with a link to a full bio. The firm’s dedication to their community and, especially, to their employees are highlighted with features about their Women’s Initiative, their commitment to diversity, and their community support. A comprehensive Insights page contains interactive blocks with links to various articles and blog posts published by the firm’s attorneys.

Perhaps the most exciting feature is their Build a Book function. Potential clients can not only export materials from any of the About or Lawyer Bio areas in a clean, sharable PDF format, they can also build a book that contains all of the information they require about the firm, the lawyers, and their capabilities in one comprehensive document that can be shared with all stakeholders.

The Outcome

IDE Interactive is very proud of the web experience provided to users at johnsonandbell.com. In addition to leading edge ease of access to all of the information on the site, each component is highly searchable, clearly organized, and simple to navigate. Blocks of Interest provide users with links to details about every facet of Johnson & Bell’s body of client-facing information. Photo layouts for their lawyers feature contact information and a link to a full biography with vital information regarding each lawyers specialized experience and area of service.

An open, engaging layout leads clients and potential clients to features that include Johnson & Bell’s Insights page where highly focused and informative articles and blog posts share the deep well of knowledge held by the ninety attorneys employed there. It includes notable cases and reviews of anticipated industry changes, and highlights the best of Johnson & Bell on every page. A complete menu of Johnson & Bell’s service areas is easily accessed via six different drop-down menus that allow users to zero in on information about attorney specialties, experience, and case outcomes.
View The Website
Johnson & Bell website screenshots.


Easily Filter and Search For What You Need

Filter through content such as Attorneys and Insights to find precisely what you are looking for.
Screenshot of Johnson & Bell's attorney search page.
Screenshot of PDF export from Johnson& Bell website.

Export What You Need To PDFs

Export Attorney profiles and Capability services for later reference.

Combine PDFs and Export Your Book

Combine Attorney profiles and Capability services into a book and export it as a single PDF.
Screenshot of Johnson & Bell's build a book feature.
This project was done in partnership with DoubleTake Design, Inc.
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